Plus Size Disney Princess

More than 22,000 people have signed a petition for Disney to make its next princess character a "plus-size". A high school student from the US has organised the online campaign. Jewel Moore, from.

RELATED: Here’s what Disney princesses (and princes!) would look like IRL Dear Disney: if you need some tips on what your next plus-size princess should look like, artist Eduardo Santos has a few.

As the parent company to plus-size retailer Torrid, Hot Topic has some great options for inclusive sizing. Now Hot Topic has slightly expanded its swim size range for its Disney lines, and we have.

She has given these lovely Princesses a plus-size makeover and it could not have been more wonderful. Also Read: Katrina Kaif,Alia Bhatt,Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor: Bollywood actresses as Disney.

I’m going to be a mermaid princess for the rest of my life," she said. Loey’s subscribers immediately took to the comment section to discuss the possibility of a plus-size Disney princess. In March,

44pm PDT Loey met up with at Beautycon LA and called on Disney to create a plus-size Disney princess, standing confidently in her Ariel-inspired bikini and a Snow White costume. "We.

Growing numbers of Disney fans are petitioning the film studio to break with convention and cast a plus-size princess in the lead role of its next production. Over 22,000 fans have now signed the.

Moore told Yahoo that another reason for the petition was for "little boys to see plus-size Disney princesses so they don’t grow up and think women they date have to look perfect." From Snow White to.

So the high school junior from Farmville, Va., launched her own online petition: “Make Plus-Size Princesses in Disney Movies!” “I made this petition because I’m a plus-size young woman, and I know.

All the Disney Princesses are beautiful, even in this new artwork, re-imagining some of our favorites. The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer with more on that, a new way to lose weight, and people rude on.

For years now, there’s been an outcry from Disney fans for a plus-size princess that will combat the unrealistic proportions (and in particular tiny waistlines) of the women in all of the films. It’s.

It’s for this reason that blogger and YouTuber Loey Lane has called on Disney to change their traditional princess model and create a plus-size character for little girls to look up to. Loey, 23, has.

Get the latest on the bid for a plus-size Disney Princess, with over 22,000 signatures to support the cause. A petition called for plus-size Disney Princesses has received over 22,000 signatures,

and memorable" plus-size Disney princess to help improve the self-image of impressionable young girls. "I made this petition because I’m a plus-size young woman," wrote Moore, "and I know many.

Following on from BuzzFeed’s series of Disney Princesses with realistic waistlines, Huffington Post have now created some additional picture edits of the princesses as "plus-size" characters, with.

who has decided to ask Disney to create princesses with more realistic measurements and looks. Specifically, she’s started a petition on asking Disney to create a plus-size princess in an.

One of the biggest problems with the world of Disney princesses is its lack of diversity — in race, ethnicity, and, especially, in size. Jonquel Norwood, a New York-based artist who focuses on.

While there, she and her peers were told they could write the name of a Disney princess on their name tags. "I wanted to be Ariel so badly because I loved The Little Mermaid," she said. "Someone.

"It’s extremely difficult to find a positive representation of plus-size females in the media. the petition has earned 19,057 signatures, seeking 25,000. Disney currently recognizes 11 princesses.

And now, Huffington Post has created its own series of Disney princesses with realistic waistlines. They created some additional picture edits of the princesses as ‘plus-size’ characters, with larger.

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